Good advice to avoid illness

Good hygiene prevents many forms of infection - including influenza. Follow guidelines daily

1. Wash hands at the right time
Wash your hands before you eat, after using the toilet and after sneezing into your hands or blowing your nose.

2. Clean keyboard, desk and telephone
Touching is a source of infection so keep an eye whether the things you touch are clean.

Clean your keyboard, desk and telephone regularly, especially if you share them with others.

3. Use hand sanitiser
Use a hand sanitiser with skin care ingredients for disinfecting hands if you do not have a chance to wash them. On the other hand, washing hands is always best after using the toilet, so that dirt is washed completely away.

4. No unbridled sneezing
Do not sneeze, cough or blow your nose without protection, ideally a disposable handkerchief that you throw away afterwards.

In a pinch, you can sneeze into your elbow joint or upper arm so that you do not spread contagion in all directions.

5. Stay at home when you are ill
If you are already ill with something infectious such as 'flu or diarrhoea then spare your colleagues by staying home from work. 6. Remember to clean up

You can contribute to the cleaning of your workplace being as good possible if you make sure you know when your desk needs to be cleared and what type of trash goes where.

7. Rinse fruit
Always remember to wash fruit before you eat it.

8. Ventilate
It is good to ventilate rooms and it can be done most effectively and in an environmentally friendly way by creating brief draughts.

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