Sickness Absence

Find guidance in relation to sickness absence and valuable advice on how to prevent absences, whether you are an employee, manager, colleague or relative.

Guidance in a difficult situation
Illness carries with it consequences, both for the sufferer, their workplace and relatives. You often find yourself in an unfamiliar situation and there are many new things to relate to.

We have compiled a guide on how to get safely through the process.

Breaking down the information
There are differences between what you need to know as an employee, manager, colleague or relative.

So we have broken down some of the areas so that the information is more precisely targeted.

It can still be beneficial to read the content in other areas and gain a more comprehensive understanding of each other's positions.

Learn more about sickness absence

Prevent absence

  • How can you prevent illness related absence at your workplace?
  • What is presenteeism?

Long-term absenteeism

  • When and how is sick leave reported?
  • What can you do as a relative of someone on sick leave?
  • How do you prepare for a sick leave interview?

Return to work

  • How do you successfully return to work after illness?
  • How can you combine work and illness?


  • Quickly look up explanations of terms and concepts used in connection with sickness absence.