Physical first aid

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About physical first aid

At some point in their adult lives most people will experience discomfort, pain or reduced functionality in some part of the body, especially the back.

Take care of your back
Back pain and back problems are very widespread and one of the major causes of reduced ability to work.

You can prevent injuries to the joints, muscles and bones by having a healthy lifestyle and staying physically active right through your life.

In this way you can "win" several more years where you can still be physically active – even when you have left the jobs market.

Seek help if experiencing symptoms
It is important that you are attentive to symptoms such as pain and reduced mobility.

If the discomfort does not subside or disappear within 36 hours you should consult your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Your doctor can refer you to a physiotherapist or recommend other forms of treatment, for example, chiropractic.

The sooner you take this step the better your prognosis for getting healthy again.