Before you begin

  • Stand in flat shoes or barefoot in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.
  • Make sure you have floor and arm space around you.
  • Stand in a neutral position with both feet parallel, knees slightly bent, push your chest slightly forward and pull your chin in.
  • Tense the deep core muscles and pelvic floor - take some deep breaths.
  • Do each exercise at a slow pace.
  • Repeat each exercise 5 to 10 times, take a break then repeat the exercise.
  • The exercises should be performed daily.
  • Stop immediately if you feel pain performing an exercise and consult your doctor or authorised therapist.

Video guide

  • You can select several exercise by clicking on the icon below the video.
  • Click on the top right corner to learn more about the exercise and see which muscle groups it trains.
  • The video repeats and will continue to play until you click pause.