Why exercise?
A lot of benefits follow when you exercise and stay physically active:

  • You improve your circulation.
  • You improve cardiac/lung functioning.
  • You increase strength and muscle mass.
  • You get stronger bones.
  • Your body becomes more flexible.

Being fit helps to ensure that you recover faster from injury and can withstand more strain on your body than if you were not in good shape.

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Circuit training
Provides a solid fitness foundation and improves our immune defences and helps minimise the risk of lifestyle related illness.

Strength training
Strengthens the large muscles that move our joints and support the core muscles.

Endurance training
Trains the muscles in working for a prolonged period, for example, when we have to maintain specific positions/postures for a long time or run a long distance.

Stability training
Is distinguished from other training forms in that it is not the strength of the muscle that is trained but rather the ability to activate exactly the right muscle at the right time and with exactly the force required, neither more nor less.

You could say that the focus in stability training is on the quality rather than the quantity of movement.

The purpose of stability training of the back, for example, is to protect the joints by training the small, deep, stabilising muscles, also called the core muscles.

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