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Case about back problems

Back problems cause long-term absenteeism
In July 2012, a 46-year-old woman reports sick from her office assistant job following a prolonged illness with back trouble.

She receives surgery for a herniated disc for the fourth time and for a cyst on the sacrum, which had led to long-term pressure on the nerves. Added to which, she has frozen shoulder.

The woman experiences a lot of pain and sensory disturbance. Over a longer period she receives physiotherapy rehabilitation from the public health sector, but experiences very little improvement.

She is afraid of losing her job because of her long absence.

Workplace evaluation ensures prevention
Falck HealthCare's interdisciplinary team recommend an evaluation of the woman's level of functioning and need for safeguards.

The physiotherapist assesses that there is a need for an evaluation of the woman's home and workplace in order to give advice and guidance based on the client's need for protective measures.

After which both her home and workplace are suitably re-designed and she receives the necessary aids from the municipality.

In addition to this the woman receives individualised training from Falck Healthcare's physiotherapist.

Process with nurse reinforces pain management
It is still too challenging to return to work, so the woman receives a pain management course with our nurse, who has special skills in pain management for back problems, so that the woman can handle her work situation better and get the most out of the resources she does have.

Following the pain management course the woman is today back at her workplace and working full-time.

After a 9 month course, two months of which were spent waiting for an operation and subsequent recovery, the woman has achieved a significant amelioration of her pain and improved ability to function.