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Prevent stress

Learning to prevent stress can be a valuable investment. Think what gives you value and prioritise your activities realistically.

Everyday life

PLAN Both your work and free time. Use whatever aids that suit you best, for example, to-do lists.

PRIORITISE Prioritise the tasks and demands you face. Both in relation to work and your daily life. Communicate your priorities to others – boss, colleagues or family – so they know what they can expect.

BE REALISTIC Do not place too great demands on yourself. Neither to what you should be able to do, or how quickly you can counteract your stress. Set partial targets and maintain focus on the closest target ahead.

COMMUNICATE Talk to people you trust. Tell them honestly what is happening and how they can help you.

FIND BREATHING SPACE Identify the things that give you energy. It may be a particular thing you do, a particular place or person that gives you energy.

A structured routine and realistic targets can help to prevent stress.

ASK FOR HELP Ask your boss, colleagues, family or friends for help. Many people experience stress, and the sooner you do something about it the sooner you will free yourself of stress.

LEARN TO SAY NO Give yourself permission to say no - also to things you feel you "ought" to take part in, both at work and privately.

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