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Handle your stress

There are different methods that can help you to minimise stress and calm you, both physically and mentally.

Regain peace in your body

MEDITATION AND RELAXATION Use or practice shorter relaxation or meditation exercises, for example, as a fixed ritual either in the morning or evening.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Get your heart rate up and your body active. Do sport or go for a brisk walk.

MUSIC Listen to music that calms your body. Many people find classical music is good for this. Others relax best to love songs or jazz.

ENJOY NATURE Swim in the ocean, go for a walk in the forest, stare into a camp-fire, sit and feel the wind shake the treetops or relax on a park bench.

DO BREATHING EXERCISES Focus on your breathing. For example, you can practice the 4-4-4 exercise where you slowly inhale while counting to four, hold your breath while counting to four and then exhale, once again counting to four. Repeat the exercise until you can feel that your body is calm.

Get your thoughts under control

DO SOMETHING ELSE Remove yourself purely physically from where you are and start doing something else that will absorb/occupy you. Maybe mending the car, taking the dog for a walk, playing games or baking.

You can do something to free yourself from stress and regain balance in your mind and body.

RELAXATION Switch on the TV, computer or hi-phi. Sing along to a song that usually makes you happy or read a good book.

GO FOR A WALK Ideally a new place with new sense impressions.

SOCIALISING Spend time with family or friends. Make dates to meet people.

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