About stress

All of us can be stricken with stress. Your body begins to rebel against too much pressure and if the situation is persistent, it can threaten your health.

A natural reaction
We all experience situations where we need to give more than our resources can handle. No matter how tough you are you can find yourself in a situation where you feel stress symptoms. Stress is a sign of imbalance and is the body's alarm system. It is a safety valve that is activated as soon as we feel extra pressure or experience threats. The alarm system ensures that we react to the danger either by 'flight or fight'.

You probably know this from situations where you have to perform something exceptional. It may be an approaching deadline and you can feel work pressure rising and you are extra "on". This is a stress reaction – and a natural part of being human.

Find balance
After a time, your body becomes exhausted and worn-out from having to mobilise extra resources. This is where stress symptoms arise. If a stress reaction persists for a longer period it can threaten your health. On these pages, Falck Healthcare's psychologists can help you with things to do when you first feel the symptoms of stress and how to help those closest to you.

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