Psychological working environment

Psychological working environment

A healthy work environment promotes happiness at work. This results in better task performance and more surplus energy to tackle day to day challenges.

Security and recognition
A good psychological work environment consists, among other things, in having colleagues you work well with and that help you thrive. It may also be a manager who recognises and is attentive to both individual and collective contributions to solving both large and small work tasks.

Demands at work and employees' possibilities for influencing the performance of tasks, as well as predictability and clarity of roles, are some of the factors that play a part when evaluating the psychological work environment.

It is well known that trust and social support between colleagues and a sense of fairness across the workplace gives a better foundation for successful cooperation and works as a buffer against dissatisfaction and stress.

Employee development
A workplace's psychological environment can also be assessed on the basis of the opportunities employees have to develop.Progress at the workplace can be both personal and professional, and a good psychological work environment occurs when both the company and the employee prioritise and proactively train and develop new skills.

This gives the employee a feeling of being qualified to live up to the demands that come with new tasks, products or areas of responsibility, and a consequently greater feeling of security. The company gains effective employees who deliver high quality.

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