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Case om stress

Hectic daily life
Anders arrives as usual at work and it is busy. It is the way it always is and Anders completely unconsciously sets a target for getting lots of things done, even though he actually knows well that he will just end up in a bad mood over the things he will not manage to get done. After lunch it becomes more and more difficult to concentrate on the jobs he has in hand. He sweats and trembles and the numbers begin to jump off the paper he is reading. A customer calls enquiring when a job will be completed and a colleague points out an error.

Suddenly everything collapses for Anders. He breaks into uncontrollable weeping and is completely overwhelmed by his outburst and powerlessness. Some time passes before he discovers that his colleague has approached him and is trying to get him to talk.

Anders simply nods when asked if he needs to talk to someone and can only look on im-passively as his colleague phones a psychologist.

Anders is surprised how quickly he begins to trust the psychologist, who soon gets Anders to calm down. It is a relief for him that the psychologist can provide him with some acute tools to tackle his situation. They talk about future actions and Anders receives advice and guidance about his reaction and possible courses of action. He gains an understanding of what he is reacting to so that in the future he can learn to listen to the signals his body sends and avoid any more overwhelming situations.

Do not place large demands on yourself Neither to what you should be able to do, or how quickly you can counteract/combat your stress. Set partial targets and maintain focus on the closest target ahead.

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