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Case about psychological work environment

Challenges of a new job
Joanna is a recently qualified nurse and has just started her first job. She loves working with the patients and their families but has difficulty getting on with her colleagues. Joanna is skilled, quick and good with patients and she receives a lot of praise from doctors in the department especially.

On the other hand, Joanna receives no praise from her closest colleagues. On the contrary they are very good at pointing out, "we don't usually do it like that" or that Joanna, as a newly qualified nurse, does not "know how to do it".

After several months, Joanna breaks down in tears one day and is completely drained of energy. She does not want to go back to work again and no longer wants to work as a nurse.

Ask for help
She contacts her union representative, who encourages her to seek professional help.

Joanna has a few sessions with a psychologist, where she and the psychologist talk through her insecurity, put into words the bullying she experiences, and give her the strength to speak to her colleagues about being new to the department.

Her colleagues are surprised at how massive their criticism has been and apologize to her. Joanna recovers her joy at working.

A good psychological work environment consists, among other things, in having colleagues you work well with and that help you thrive.

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