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Case about depression

Lost energy
Energy and the desire to be together with other people had evaporated for Camilla. Her family and doctor attempt to help her, but Camilla is only 20 years old and cannot foresee the consequences, so she refuses help. She is suffering from depression and in her attempts to gain some form of control she develops an eating disorder. The job centre persuades Camilla that her situation could look very different. Camilla starts taking physical exercise and seeing a psychologist. Through training she manages to get control over her body, despite it being difficult and energy sapping.

Clear results
The support of professionals and family helps Camilla through the process, and she gradually finds comfort and happiness in her progress. She learns to understand and decode her body's signals in order to handle them better. It is a proud day for Camilla when she can truly see the results she has created. She has control over her eating habits and her transformation is positively noted by people around her. The process has taken half a year but for Camilla it is half a year that has changed her entire life.

All of us are more or less predisposed to depression and our predisposition may either be hereditary or established early in childhood.

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