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Case about anxiety

Anxiety and claustrophobia
Ordinary daily tasks are a challenge that Betty cannot cope with alone. Just the thought of simple things like riding in an elevator, flying or being in a room with several people makes her want to run and hide. The panic is overwhelming and she feels that she has lost control over her own life.

When Betty finally acknowledges to herself that she cannot handle these problems alone she consults a psychologist.

Psychological help
It is a big step to meet a psychologist for the first time and talk about the fears that dominate her daily life. Betty cannot imagine where they should begin, and she cannot quite see how an outsider may be able to help her.

After the first session with the psychologist she is exhausted, but relieved. It is nice that another person has the capacity to listen to her and not least, understand her situation. For the first time in a long while she feels that her daily life could perhaps improve.

Regain control
Betty continues seeing the psychologist and slowly but surely regains control over her life. She receives more and more tools to deal with her anxiety and her energy slowly returns again.

The boundary for when anxiety becomes a disorder and a problem varies from person to person.

The challenges that previously ruled her life are slowly but surely minimised.

Betty still feels that to fly is crossing a line, but is able to overcome the anxiety herself.

An attribute she feared she had lost forever.

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