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It is important for Falck Healthcare A/S that you have trust in us. Protection of your private information is therefore important to us. All your personal information is safe with us. Falck Healthcare is currently collecting and processing your personal information for our exami-nations and services.

Personal information includes all information that is directly associated with you, such as your personal identity, contact information, and information regarding your health.

Falck Healthcare acts as data controller in the collection of relevant personal information for our health services. Our privacy policy explains how we collect, process, disclose and store your personal data, and provides information on your rights, as well as who you can con-tact should you have any reservations.

Information and purpose

We may collect and process the following personal information (to the extent this is rele-vant for you and your case):

General personal information

  • Your name, personal identification number, phone number, email address, gender and age
  • Social information, family relationships
  • Your position, and the company and department where you are employed
  • Identification information

Special personal information (Sensitive personal information)

Health information related to questionnaire in the digital health check

If we are informed of changes in your information, these changes will be registered. There may be cases where we process information that is not included in the list, but if this is con-sistent with the objective of the data collection.


We process your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Question to guide you in health promotion and health related issues
  • Ensuring accurate identification for your engagement with Falck Healthcare, and for communication regarding issues regarding your rights.
  • To make it possible for Falck Healthcare A/S to contact you.
  • Referrals and communication with other healthcare personnel in the panel
  • Managing inspections and requests from supervisory authorities.
  • Statistical studies and scientific research.
  • Statistical analysis, where your data is anonymised.

Automated individual decision-making

We do not use your personal data for automated individual decision-making or profiling.


We receive your personal information from you through the self-reported questionnaire. We treat the information we receive in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The legal basis for the collection and processing of personal information
We process personal information when we have a contractual obligation to customers or perform services according to the wishes of the customer.

We have an obligation to comply with current laws and regulations, including the EU data protection regulations, the data protection law and other relevant health and care legisla-tion, e.g. Compliance with basic principles for processing personal information and the legal authority for data processing. As well as the implementation of basic principles for pro-cessing personal information and the legal authority for processing.

The legal basis for collecting, processing and disclosing your personal information is as follows:

  • General personal information for use in general patient treatment is collected, processed and disclosed, pursuant to the Data Protection Regulation, Article 6 (1) (c) and (d), while sensitive information is collected, processed and disclosed pur-suant to the Data Protection Regulation, Article 9 (2) (a), disclosed based on con-sent (c), (h) for health promotion, prevention and treatment, and (i) reporting to quality databases.
  • Furthermore, we are required to process personal information about you for general patient treatment pursuant to the Danish Authorisation Act, chapter 6, Ex-ecutive order on medical records created by healthcare personnel (Executive or-der on medical records), particularly Sections 5-10, and the Danish Health Care Act, chapter 9.
  • The reporting of laboratory tests to hospital laboratories is conducted in ac-cordance with the provisions of the Danish Health Authority's guidelines for manag-ing paraclinical examinations, pursuant to the Danish Authorisation Act.
  • Information for billing purposes is used in accordance with the Danish Bookkeeping Act.
  • Clinical patient data is disclosed to the Danish Vaccination Registry for vaccina-tions, cf. Danish Health Care Act, Section 157 a, Executive Order on the access to and registration of medicines - and vaccination information Section 10.
  • Data can also be disclosed with your direct consent.
  • A complete medical examination record will be sent to you, and in special cas-es, to your employer, with your consent.

The legal basis for processing personal information by Falck Healthcare A/S also includes the EU General Data Protection Regulation:

Your personal information will not be shared with others, or sold, or made public in any oth-er manner than that described in this privacy policy.

It is optional to share your personal information with Falck Healthcare A/S, however in or-der to ensure that you receive the appropriate counsel, it is important for Falck Healthcare A/S to have the necessary information.

Transfer of personal information to the data processor

Your personal information is processed and stored with our IT supplier. The information is stored for us, according to our instructions.

We transfer your personal information to countries outside the EU/EEA, as we use external suppliers to process and store the above-mentioned data.

The legal basis for transfer of information is the EU "Standard Contractual Clauses" for transferring data from data controllers to data processors in unsecured countries outside the EU/EEA. The standard agreement is available in different languages at this link:

For more information about data processors and the transfer of recipients outside the EU /EEA can be obtained by request to

Transfer of data to public authorities

If Falck Healthcare A/S is required to disclose information to a public authority, this infor-mation will be disclosed in accordance with the regulations of the authority. In such cases, information about you may be disclosed without your consent.

Storage of personal information
We use an external supplier to store the above-mentioned personal information.

Storage period for data
According to the EU General Data Protection Regulations Article 5, no. 1, litra e, information that is no longer necessary for the purposes for which the personal data were processed must be erased.
Falck Healthcare A/S deletes personal information that is no longer necessary for the pur-poses for which it was collected.

This means that as long as you have a case with us, we will store the necessary information about you. Once your case is concluded, this information will no longer be available, in accordance with the current legislation.

In accordance with the Executive order on medical records, Falck Healthcare A/S will store personal information in your medical record for 10 years, calculated from the last note in the record.
There may be cases where it is necessary for us to store your personal information for a longer period, e.g. complaints or compensation lawsuits.

Your rights
Within the boundaries of the law, you have the right of access to your personal information, the right to rectify inaccurate information, the right to erasure of information, the right to restrict the processing of personal information, the right to the transfer of data, and the right to deny the processing of personal information, including automated individual decision-making.

Inspection, rectification and erasure
In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Articles 15-17, one has the right of access to registered information, and can demand that this information be erased or rectified.

Should you wish to access, correct or delete your data, you may submit a written request to Falck Healthcare A/S. This request must contain a case number or Danish national identi-fication number, and must be signed by the registered patient.

If you are dissatisfied by Falck Healthcare's processing of your personal information, you may file a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Data protection officer
Should you have questions or comments regarding the processing of your personal infor-mation or wish to make use of your rights in accordance with current legislation, you may contact Falck's data protection officer at:

Falck Healthcare A/S
Health examinations
Sydhavnsgade 18
2450 Copenhagen SV


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